My interest in QHHT® began when reading Dolores Cannon’s fascinating books…

Dolores spoke to me through those pages, and she was speaking my language. When the opportunity came for me to study with Dolores in 2009, her words ignited my passion to help others heal through this process.

I could see that Dolores could help a person heal in just a few hours what could take weeks or months of intensive work in the modalities I was working with.

After taking her Level One class in February 2009, I furthered my study with Dolores, taking her Level Two class in 2010. Then in 2013 with Dolores and her daughter Julia Cannon I completed an extensive examination and approval process to attain and maintain a Level Three practitioner standing.  This designation means that I conduct my QHHT® sessions in its purest form, just as Dolores did herself.

In addition to facilitating QHHT® sessions, I also had the pleasure of assisting Julia Cannon when she taught the in person classes and I serve as one of four moderators for our Official QHHT® Global Practitioner Forum.

Shortly thereafter I became certified to teach the Level three class and mentor students through the process of obtaining their Level three standing.  At the same time I began to teach our only live, in-person class so that people who had taken level one online could have that “live class” experience and practice with another student.

I would say my spiritual journey began at birth in this life.  I was always curious and had several un-explainable experiences as a child that kept me wondering.  As I got older I became more interested in the spiritual and the unknown and naturally began meditation practices.

My healing journey began in the mid 90’s when I studied Herbal Medicine making.  This naturally led me to discover the powerful healing energies of our plant family with Flower Essence making and testing.  At the same time I also became aware of my own innate ability to channel  energy  to help myself and others through  Reiki studies, incorporating my knowledge of crystals and stones into the energy work.  What a joy to see my Reiki students learn to use crystals and stones in their own practices!  It gives me great pleasure now to recommend some of my practicing and teaching Reiki students to those seeking Reiki energy healing or the teachings.

I now find my time is focused exclusively on QHHT® and I echo Dolores’ words when I say…I still haven’t learned all there is to learn about this process (QHHT®) the possibilities are never ending!

I live nestled beside the mountains in Maple Ridge, near Vancouver, BC, Canada.